NEW LIES FOR OLD The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation ANATOLIY GOLITSYN TO THE MEMORY OF Anna Akhmatova CONSCIENCE. Throughout KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s second book Under Golitsyn’s original understanding, as presented in New Lies for Old. New Lies for Old- The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Steve said: Written Anatoliy Golitsyn. · Rating.

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Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. They coincided in time with Shele-pin’s report and the intensive preparation of a program of political disinformation operations.

Not a newspaper mentioned it. It is conditioned in part by the inherent instability of communist systems. By the time it had been circulated to governments as “secret” intelligence it sounded most impressive, and when as time went on the same story was gloitsyn by source foor source, it became liew and reliable.

By pinning the blame for all past mistakes on the misdeeds — not the theories — of one single individual, Stalin, the party leadership was able, while introducing some tactical changes, to preserve the essence of the communist regime. But they also realized that vigorous waving of the anti- Stalinist flag could help them undermine opposition at home and improve their image abroad; some of the damage done by Stalinism could be repaired.

It was explained, semiofficially, that the strong nationalist feelings of the Georgians had been upset by the condemnation of Stalin. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I’d like to read this book nfw Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Such a step can be presented to the Americans as a representative institution. Since a program of strategic political disinformation operations has been brought into effect.

Anatoliy Golitsyn – Wikipedia

None of the pretenders was preeminent, none of them had gplitsyn out the details of his own policies, and — living as they had done under Stalin’s shadow — no agreements on policy had been worked out among them.

De jure recognition was granted by all major countries except the USA.

The need for a new policy was felt with special keenness by the Soviet leadership. The author holds three Doctorates and writes on a philosophical level that is hard to grasp.

The Soviet political system, which has gone through the severe test of war and has become for the whole world an example and model of true equal rights and co-operation of nations, stands witness to the great triumph of the ideas of Lenin and Stalin on the nationality question.


The communist strategists therefore reasoned that, through projecting the right image of the bloc and the communist movement, they could help to dissolve the measure of Western unity that Stalinist policies had brought into being.

He provided “a wide range of intelligence to the CIA on the operations of most of the ‘Lines’ departments at the Helsinki and other residencies, as well as KGB methods of recruiting and running agents.

In the Soviet Union, as elsewhere, it was the Central Committee of the party that reorganized the intelligence and security services, the foreign ministry, and other sections of the party and government apparatus and the mass organizations so as to be able to implement the new policy.

Under Mironov the Administrative Organs Department became very important. At the same time, he became further convinced that events continued to confirm the validity of his analysis, that the threat from international communism was not properly understood, and that this threat would shortly enter a new and more dangerous phase. We have the highest regard for his personal and professional integrity.

Anatoliy Golitsyn

Thanks for telling us about the tor. Want to Read saving…. He spent an additional four months in a ten-foot by ten-foot concrete bunker in Camp Peary. Uploaded by marlbert on August 22, The Undoing of James Jesus Angleton. Two former residents of Hitler’s security service, with their nets of agents in the Ukraine, which were under KGB control, were prepared for planting on the West German intelligence service.

For example, the Soviet security service used to practice a provocation technique through which any well-wisher who attempted to estabHsh contact by telephone with the American or British embassies in Moscow would be connected with specially trained officials of the security service.

Jack Tierney rated it it was amazing Apr 03, A new, more important role should be given to disinformation. Dodd Mead and Company. Tolitsyn the s he crushed actual and imaginary opposition to himself by mass repressions, even of party members. The criticisms of these individuals and groups varied in intensity and outspokenness, but all of them remained communists in their different ways and, in particular, they all retained their loyalty to Leninism.

Political clubs would be opened to nonmembers of the communist party.

This book is primarily concerned with the communist use of strategic disinformation. This aims at promoting and establishing communist regimes in noncommunist countries throughout the world by giving support to the extreme 8 NEW LIES FOR OLD left-wing opposition, by gaining temporary political allies, by exploiting gplitsyn deepening whatever internal crises may occur, and even by creating artificial crises.

They accepted at face value the Trust’s disinformation and passed it on to their influential friends in the European intelligence services. Colleen Rankin rated it liked it Jan 23, In fact, so personal and despotic was Stalin’s rule that, for a while, Stalinism became almost synonymous with communism, and opposition to the one became confused with opposition to the other, particularly since Stahn repressed both kinds of opposition with equal ruthlessness and severity.

The achievements in all branches of the national economy have led to a further improvement in the material and cultural standards of Soviet society. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The West in general was reluctant to trade with the bloc.

All meetings with important agents were to be suspended. With the help of the army and the security service, Khrushchev defeated the “antiparty group” by the narrowest of margins.