To create a Data Driven Frameworks in QTP, the following components are required: Test Script and Object. 22 Mar Hi, Data Driven Framework is a framework which is driven by the different combinations of input and output data. Do the following steps to implement data driven. QTP Frameworks – Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and associated Keyword-Driven Framework; Data-Driven Framework; Hybrid Framework.

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Let us see an example for Data Driven Testing. Consider the Login Page of a Flight Reservation website. These inputs can be read from an external file such as Data driven framework in qtp, Excel, Outlook, Text file etc and the respective outputs are written back to the corresponding external source.

How Data Driven Testing Works (Examples of QTP and Selenium)

Insert the Order Keyword: Refer the image below. To know about user-defined functions in QTP, please visit here In general, the frameworks can be developed in three ways in order to run to the test.

It then uses the QTP in-built methods to read data from the data table. Add the url in the DataTable and change the code accordingly so that all the data is taken from the data sheet only.

Click on specific data driven framework in qtp a Link. Output Once the above script is run, the output can be obtained from the Excel as follows: Exist 4 Kindly elaborate this…. Data-Driven Scripts can be defined as those applications specific script like JavaScript coded and modified to accommodate variable datasets.

The excel sheet that comes with the action can be used or you can use an external excel sheet too. You can use one or more data sources for a single script.

Hi Anish, i learn QTP long back 3 years back, now i want to brush up my QTP skills and trying but i feel every thing is new and unknown, then i tried to view some QTP blogs fortunately i found your blog, it makes me feel very good and feeling like classroom training, with your wonderful explanation and many examples, I suggested data driven framework in qtp blog for my friends who are trying to learn QTP.

In the next article we will have a look at the method where the data is retrieved frramework excel sheets. Notice that the column headers are displayed as A, B, C, D and so on. The following window opens up:. Data driven framework in qtp this article, the script that we will create will use the first method shown above. Open the order number and get the customer name for that order.

How Data Driven Testing Works (Examples of QTP and Selenium) — Software Testing Help

I will start working on it and will post it once it is done. What is the approach to create a data driven framework? The user has an option to keep it the same or change it. It is enough to call the keywords for the needed test cases in the main test thereby reducing the size of the driver script in the main test. The hybrid framework is what gets used most data driven framework in qtp.

The same framework can also be achieved with descriptive programming. It explains nicely how keyword driven framework works.

QTP Tutorial #18 – Data Driven and Hybrid Frameworks Explained with QTP Examples

You would have to store your data in some external files such as text files, excel, database etc and figure out a way to read the data from this external source and pass it to your application through some variables.

Please keep ur good work going, it will help many people like me. Data Table should now be visible at the left bottom of data driven framework in qtp screen Refer image below. Some real time examples of three tier application and the kind of framework to be used with folder structure also. I was working on QTP 4 yrs back, but since its really long time, i had forgot many a thing and was hesitant to face interviews with QTP openings.

Its ‘easy’ and not ‘each’. Instead you modify the code so that it takes the data from each row data driven framework in qtp the datatable using a loop.

Data Driven and Hybrid Frameworks Explained with QTP Examples — Software Testing Help

Hi Anish, Can you please also post an article where the values are taken from an external excel sheet? To change a column header, double click on that column datx. Quick navigation through data sets data driven framework in qtp also an important feature offered by Data Driven Testing reduces testing timelines for an AUT. Useful and Reader friendly artical.

There is one more important point to be considered here. Sahi Pro also provides a strong way to run data driven suites.

As the name on, Data Driven Testing Framework is a framework which is driven by test data, which means that test data is the important factor here. Please post difficult automation framework interview questions. Please refer to it and let me know if you need more info.