These are the statistics compiled by STOCK PERFORMANCE GUIDE (SPG) By Dynaquest of Dr Neah Soon Kean. MULPHA INTERNATIONAL. I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Nov , also can order online first. There are over 1, of Public Listed Companies(PLC) in the Bursa Malaysia. How do you select a stock to invest in? Do you use Technical.

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Show posts by this member only Post 1. Look at all my stars!! Some prefer riskier stocks while other may prefer high yield stocks. He hadShares of Ajiya. Icon Ok very true Thumb up.

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Investment Advisory Service

Kindly note payment is done via our payment partner, iPay Stock Performance Guide Malaysia Dynaquest. I managed to photocopy from a friend, and it was a great book offering great dynaqueet into the Malaysian stock market. Kindly contact us at info dynaquest. If you are searching for new companies to invest in, we recommend trying our Screener tool to set your own metrics and criteria to identify stocks suitable for your investing requirements.

Adrian Tan May i knw how can we subscribe the online version? Tue, 12 Jan Any updates will be announced on our website.

Tool for Stock Analysis

Kindly log in to the platform with your user ID and password at dqinfo. But I am noob in stocks. Or must I access the platform with a computer? Another interesting Stock Dr Neoh owned is Evergreen.

Tool for Stock Analysis | Random Thoughts

The profit earned should be reflected in the share price and dividend declared. Let us help you with our investment expertise. Dynaquest provides boutique investment advisory services to a number of large to very large investment institutions including insurance companies, mutual funds and investment companies as well as individuals.

Oct 12 That you have to do your own research. There are more gems in this book which will help you make your wise investment decisions like the EPS and DPS growth rates, ratings from publisher, … and Stok let you to dynaquesst more for yourself. SPG lerformance served me well and I have bought 6 of them or more. So none of us is infallible. If you are having any issues during your subscription or trial, kindly contact us and we will try our best to resolve them.

Do you use Technical Chart and Fundamental Analysis? This title can be found at the following Times bookstores: And he said that had he known Dr Neoh’s writings much earlier and followed him more closely he would have earned many more millions.

A simple and effective dynauest to instantly view a selection of companies with attractive investment qualities.

Dynaquest’s Stock Performance Guide – Google Books

Some just takes the easy way by listening to rumour or tips. You may only log in with one device at a time.

Icon People pdf nowadays and read with iPad. Over a short period the share market is a voting perfromance but over a longer period the Stock Market turns into a weighing machine.

I lost so much money in percentage then. This will be faster for capitalisation changes or corporate developments while financial results will take longer. Just wait a while more.

Prices are updated daily closing price. So I turned lemon into lemonade. This was what I did after My Johor Sifu taught me. Display posts from previous: One more I got hit badly was Talam. Like Social Forum Comment.

Oct 6 stokc, Sorry guys, i know that this is an old thread. Dr Neoh always promote one or two stocks in his monthly Digest. It is meant to be used by investors who know enough about investment to want to make their own decisions but find it difficult to obtain information in perforrmance easily accessible and useable format. A must have for all old dynaqurst new investors. May all trade carefully in this turbulent year of The cloud based version STOCKBASE will be easily accessible through Internet Browser and we are hopeful we shall be able to bring its cost down to a much lower level given the wide market available for guids cloud-based product.

We will provide more information once the details are finalised closer to release. We also provide a detailed glossary which not only defines all the financial terms and ratios, but also explains how to stodk use the data to analyse stock performance.

Anyone with experiences on the past editions March ? Please select the package you wish to subscribe to and your account will be activated once payment is complete.