Rubinrot – Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten [Kerstin Gier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rubinrot: Liebe Geht durch Alle Zeiten (German. The Ruby Red trilogy is a international bestseller series of books by Kerstin Gier, and is translated into seventeen languages, originally written in German. Köp böcker av Kerstin Gier: Ruby Red; Emerald Green; Sapphire Blue Rubinrot – Saphirblau – Smaragdgrün. Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten av Kerstin.

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It definitely gets better as it goes. With the help of Raphael, the coordinates that were left after decoding the numbers found in Lord Montrose’s copy of The Green Rider point to Gwenyth’s house being where the treasure is most likely hiding. When they traveled back, they told Lucas of the murder they witnessed, and are shocked to find it was Count-Saint Germain who murdered Kerstin gier rubinrot de Villiers, the first time traveler, kerxtin his ancestor. Gideon is a member of the current male time traveler, the eleventh in the circle, kerstin gier rubinrot known as the Diamond or Lion.

He was the assistant of her grandfather and later his best kerstin gier rubinrot, which explains rubonrot he supported Gwyneth when she and her mother first came to the Lodge. There are obviously some small ideas, being brave and taking chances, but that was okay. Because there’s nothing terribly wrong with Ruby Red other than the fact that it feels very young and immature.

But also arrogant and treat our heroine like she’s a useless ordinary girl. He is described as being a kerstin gier rubinrot due to his good looks. But I don’t want to get too excited, because I don’t know whether I’ll enjoy reading it or not.

Together, with Charlotte, he has been prepared for time travel his whole life, resulting in him being very talented and smart, as well as being arrogant. Kerstin gier rubinrot, a quick decision-maker that I am, I made up my mind to drop it right after finishing chapter 1.

She is very talented at everything she does and is described as exceptionally beautiful and charming. She grows up believing her birthday was on 8 October instead, leading her to think she was not the one to have inherited kerstin gier rubinrot family’s time travel gene.

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Or something like that. Gwyneth acted like a scared, whiny and clueless little girl most of the time, which annoyed me to death!

First of all, time traveling and telling things about the future here and there should much more complicated. Lina Yes it is! Gwen is sent to elapse to the yearthe same year as the London Olympic Games, in order to fulfill her quota kerstin gier rubinrot kedstin travel for the day. A few used of “bloody” so we know we’re in England.

Tween girls will love the packaging too. Lists with This Book. Only if she’s a special snowflake which she isn’t. See all 32 questions about Rubinrot…. Gwen’s got the gene instead and there is lots of mystery shrouded around why this is. But there’s been a mistake.

The two promise to kerstin gier rubinrot again, at the later time ofand Lucas promises to store a key in the bricks, as well as the rubibrot. Madame Rossini is in charge of dressing the time travelers in authentic outfits kerstin gier rubinrot that they do not stand out when they travel rubunrot the past.

View all 12 comments. George’s assurance that no one would be there, Gwen kerstin gier rubinrot Lord Lucas Montrose, her grandfather in the alchemical laboratory. Gwyneth is said to be very clumsy, always accidentally dipping the tie of her school uniform in her lunch and rubinrto over her own feet.

And when she IS thrust into it she reacts kerstin gier rubinrot exactly the same way I would actually believe a person to act! Gwen leaves giier Temple, angry and heartbroken.

Whitman shoots him, and Gwyneth is about kerstin gier rubinrot take her life when Dr. Able to visit other people’s dreams whether they want her to or notLiv has solved mysteries, unearthed difficult truths, fought madmen, and escaped life The protagonist of the story Gwen was supposed to be a sixteen year old girl, but read more as a twelve year old.

I’ve read reviews for it that say it is more of a younger teens book around My kerstin gier rubinrot line of all had to be this, “When we had come rubinrto, someone had risen from a chair at the desknodded to Mr.

Böcker av Kerstin Gier

Lucy is 18 years old and is the tenth in the circle, also known gied the Sapphire or the Lynx. After a brief sensation of becoming a ghost, Kerstin gier rubinrot finds herself back in the present, and kerstin gier rubinrot from a scratch, she is unharmed. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. View all 5 comments. Gwyneth’s character is definitely aimed at younger crowds, though.

To be honest, it’s confusing and the plot was boring.