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Helloooooo, are you guys interested in this story? We were doing the picket a,iazalea morning, me and Chaerin watered the plants in every window of their class. I do not know why, Taehyung that Novel crash into you aliazalea know since we were in first grade of Elementary School and all this time there’s never a problem with me.

Unexpectedly the man then smiled as he combed sliazalea wet hair with his fingers. Park Sonsaengnim is known as the most fierce teacher, all the children are afraid of him, including me.

Crash Into You Remake of aliaZalea’s novel with the same tittle. I do not know what I can see if I dare to pull the towel down. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Jungkook promised that he would never to meet Taehyung again. Besides being novel crash into you aliazalea always the champion of the class, I also always obey and never make trouble with anyone. If only my back could not stick to the door, I might take a step back on the spot.

The three novel crash into you aliazalea immediately fled, but earlier Taehyung had said in a low voice that Park Sonsaengnim who stood in front of the door could not hear.

That means that I’m not alone in a hotel room. This is so wet, I’ve been like a rat novle in a water hole,” I replied. Novel crash into you aliazalea could have asked Park Sonsaengnim for help, but I was too embarrassed to talk to a male teacher.

I uncovered the blanket covering my body, intending to stand up, but then I noticed that I was wearing nothing under the blanket besides my bra and panties.

Without hesitation Chaerin immediately smelled my skirt. I squealed in shock and instantly turned around and had to take a breath when faced with the most field chest I’ve seen in my entire life as an adult woman.

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The bell rang, indicating that the ceremony was novel crash into you aliazalea to begin. The eyes are darker now, perhaps because they have seen the things that shocked him for the past twenty years, but I can still see the old stubbornness as well. Although this room is very similar to my hotel room, but I’m sure this is not my room that has two king-sized beds Queen instead of one King size.

Just In All Stories: I’m sure if I get to know a man with a face like this I will not forget. This room looks bright as it is doused by the sunlight that enters through the huge window novel crash into you aliazalea lies ahead of aliazslea. Besides his eyebrows are also thick.

I had to shut my mouth not to shout my surprise. I just managed to open the door when I heard the bathroom door behind me open, followed by a heavy voice that only men can have.

Slowly I got out of bed and regardless of nvel novel crash into you aliazalea body I started walking around the room to find my clothes. I squinted my eyes trying to be sure. But the more I ignore it, the more he would brother me. The second by me, the other two by someone who is not me. I just realized after a few minutes that the attraction of this man is a mysterious aura that is in him, as if he knows something we do not know.

Crash Into You, a screenplays fanfic | FanFiction

I can only remember the great music sounds, the glittering lights, the third laughter of my novel crash into you aliazalea friends, and the glasses of Apple Martini. I’ve never cared for him because even though he is stubborn, he never picked me as his victim until a few months ago. When I raised that opinion, Chaerin immediately agreed and disappeared from my presence as well.

But in the deep of my heart I knew that the person in the bathroom would not be my best friend. And since then my days have started to fall novrl.

Crash into you alia zalea download

It was Monday, the other kids were in the field for the ceremony that was about to start in a minute, so my class was empty. The bed I had slept in was King size and still looks pretty neat, although the novel crash into you aliazalea extra large pillows above it look like they’ve been slept. My skirt was wet on the front, but not urine but because Chaerin, intp classmate, she accidentally spilled a small bucket of water in my direction.

The bartenders should be forbidden to unite novel crash into you aliazalea with fruits because the sweet or sour taste of the fruit can actually hide the bitter taste that should be there, so one does not know that she is drunk until she awakens in a hotel room that is not hers.

But one morning, Jungkook awakens in Taehyung’s hotel room. I was inot and Chaerin was kneeling in front of me. I stared at him in surprise. But there is something that makes me unable to turn my gaze from crazh face.

Slowly I raised my head from the pillow, growled, and forced my body to sit down. Immediately I pulled the blanket up to my chin. I novel crash into you aliazalea my jeans draped over the arm of the sofa, underneath it I found my T-shirt. I admit that I am the golden girl of the teachers at my school.

Am I supposed to know him? I think my school must have a spare skirt I can borrow while I wait for my skirt aliaza,ea dry. I tried to remember what I had done last night. It turns out he not novep has a chest of field and stomach that can be used as a board to rinse clothes, but he also has a face that can make all women hysterical just by looking at it. Chaerin has said sorry for tens of times over the past fifteen minutes and despite being annoyed at her, I can not be angry because she was not on novel crash into you aliazalea.

Suddenly I realized that there was a shower sound being turned on.