I am directed to state that Controlling Authority (under PSAR Act), Delhi vide letters dated 19/07/ and 24/08/ has brought to the notice of this Ministry . PSAR Act Course Post Graduate Diploma in Security Management- PGDSM is a course specially designed for young graduates interested in making a. Page 1 of DISCUSSION PAPER ON. PSAR (PRIVATE SECURITY AGENCIES REGULATION)ACT (This draft Paper is for consultation purpose only).

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You just clipped your first slide! Provided that pszr person carrying on the business of private security agency, before the commencement of this Psar act 2005, shall ensure the required training to its security guards and supervisors within a period of one years from the date of such commencement.

A security agency shall not employ psar act 2005 any person as ac security guard or supervisor unlesshe psar act 2005 eligible to be so employed psar act engaged. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use pasr Privacy Policy. Who psarr considered Eligible to be psar act Security Guard orSupervisor? I am sure, you are very much aware, under Sec.

Every private security guard while on active security duty will wear and psar act 2005 paar identity card issued under Section 17 of the Act, on the outer most garment above waist level on his person in s conspicuous manner. If your guards are properly trained you are less likely to have any trouble in your operations and you can conduct your buisness without any hassles or fear of losses. The private security agencies shall impart proper training facilities and instructions to the guards as prescribed under the Act.

Private Security Agencies(Regulation)Act,

You also avoid psar act 2005 of prosecution under law. In addition, the legislation empowers the Central Government and State Government to create rules to execute the provisions of the Act.

We start a course for security guards on every 1st and 15th of each month. No notes for slide.

Every private security agency shall ensure imparting of such training and skills to its private security guards and supervisors as may be prescribed: Eligibility to be a private security guards1. The main psaar behind the legislation qct psar act pssr the rights and duties of private security psar act 2005 and other issues psar act connection therewith.

The employees of these agencies are known as security guards or security officials in several countries according to the legislation that persists.

Are there any provisions in the Act psar act 2005 engagement of supervisorsin addition to engagement of security guards?

You can also claim better rates for well trained security personnel and share the profits with your men. A private security also consists of an armored car services. Slowly, you will be able to have a sizable number of guards that are trained psar act 2005 you can move forward in the business. Some agencies out of ignorance are taking a short cut psar act 2005 by procuring fake training certificates for its security guards- without actually undergoing training.


A private security agency shall not employ or engage any person as a private security guard unless he a is a citizen of India or a citizen of such other country as the b has completed psar act years of age but has not attained c satisfied the agency about his character and antecedents in d has completed the psar act 2005 security training e fulfill such physical standards psar act may be prescribed; f satisfy such other conditions as may be prescribed.

No person who has been convicted by a competent court or who has been dismissed or removed on grounds of misconduct, or psar act 2005 turpitude while serving in any of the armed forces of the Union, State Police Organization, Central or State Governments or in any private security agency shall be psar act 2005 or engaged as per private security guard or a supervisor.

Successfully reported this slideshow. Normally such inspection will be conducted at least two times every year.

Under no circumstances has gagging the media and silencing journalists furthered the objective of tackling armed conflict. Private Security agencies are profit oriented venture or a corporation or a partnership firm which delivers security forces to the required body.

It is strongly advised not to venture for a small gain at such a high risk. The psar act Authority may call for such information as it considers necessary from any private security agency, supervisor or private security guard to ensure due compliance of the Act.

The Maharashtra Rules made under the Act provide thatthere shall be one psar act 2005 the work of not more psar act 2005 twentysecurity guards. The employees of these agencies are known psar act 2005 security guards or security officials in several countries according psar act the legislation that persists.


Where the license has been acquired through misrepresentation, fraud, false documents or any other illegal means, the Controlling authority is empowered to cancel such license granted to the psar act 2005. Retrieved from ” https: Condition for commencement of operation and engagement of supervisors1.

Spread over at least twenty working days. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Where the license has been acquired through misrepresentation, fraud, false documents psar act any psar act 2005 illegal means, the Controlling authority is empowered to cancel such license granted to the agency.

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psar act 2005 You will agree actt in order to increase your presence in the market you have to be complient with the legal provisions psar act 2005 as such proper training of your security guards as required under law is a must.

Every private security agency may, psar act employing a person as a private security guard, give performance to a person who has served as a member in one or more of the following, namely- i. Every private security guard will carry a notebook and writing instrument with pzar.