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Maybe it was the version I saw, but this play bored me. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This shock is merely a distant echo of what the French underwent in The Israeli historian Jean Ancel states that the Romanian intelligentsia had a “schizophrenic attitude towards the West and its values,” yet considered the West, especially France, to be their role model.

The Einoceronte call to end the “Jewish colonization” of Romania by expelling all the Jews, whom the Legion claimed were all illegal immigrants from Poland, and confiscate their assets so that Christian Romanians could rise up to the middle class, was very attractive to many university students.

Il rinoceronte by Eugène Ionesco (2 star ratings)

Quinney further argued that the Rhinoceros was an allegory of and attack on the Legion of the Archangel Michael has been ignored by literary scholars who have seen Ionesco only as a French playwright and neglected the fact that Ionesco saw himself as both Romanian and French.

The people there begin to discuss what has happened when another rhinoceros appears and crushes a woman’s cat. Read it in high school. In France during the occupation, the color green was indelibly associated with the Germans.

Afterwards, many of the French learned to accept the changes imposed by the German occupation, coming to the conclusion that Germany was Europe’s dominant power and the best that could be done was to submit and bow down before the might of the Reich. Cuza claiming the Jews were a foreign and alien body in Romania that needed to be removed. Regardless of whether the rhinoceros are African or Asian, the French characters comfortably assume their superiority to the rhinoceros; ironically the same people all become rhinoceroses themselves.

Views Read Edit View history. Beyond ridiculing the most banal situations, Ionesco’s plays depict in a tangible way the solitude and insignificance of human existence. In the first act, the character of the logician says: The first half was good, the dispute as to what kind of rhinoceros it was Indian or African was very funny and the stiff upper lip refusal to believe what was actually happening was amusing too. Ousby wrote that by the end of summer of I’m not a fan of the absurdist theatre in the line of Vian and the likesbut in this case it really works.

This tradition of seeing Romania as a bastion of Latinism threatened by enemies everywhere culminated in the s where the Iron Guard argued there were “natural laws” that determined Romania’s struggle for existence, which allowed the Legion to justify any act of violence no matter how amoral as necessary because of the “natural laws”.

Il rinoceronte

Ionesco was assigned to our AP class, and I had heard that the story was iojesco wild, so I was excited. It is at this moment that the first rhinoceros appears. Romania had a very large intelligentsia relative to its share of the population with 2. While he was witty and the banter between him and other people lent some relief to the dull conversations, I still was never feeling any emotions toward his story.

Ionesco parodied the Legion’s talk of “natural laws” and “primeval values” by putting dialogue that closely resembled the Legion’s rhetoric into Jean as he transforms into a green rhinoceros. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. You are an Asiatic Mongol! After Cioran joined the Legion inhe severed his friendship with Ionesco, an experience that very much hurt the latter.

Notably, the more Jean rants about “natural laws” trumping all, the more he rijoceronte into a rhinoceros. And of the second hand left, which had been a radical socialist When I was reading it, I never felt any strong emotions- I never felt any fear, love, disgust, or the like.

Daisy and Dudard iterate that acclimating oneself to the rhinos is the best solution, but Berenger resists. Based on this way of thinking as taught by the logician, the character of the old man is able to conclude that his dog is in fact a cat, leading him to ionescco Dudard leaves; he wants to experience the epidemic first-hand. Valentin Eni rated it it was ok Feb 15, But after reading the story, my excitement has been drained. Paul rated it it was ok Oct 31, At various points in the play, Jean shouts out such lines as “We need to go beyond moral standards!

A further attack on Communism was provided by the character of the pipe-smoking rinocefonte Dudard. Ivan Kormendi rated it it was ok Dec 09, The setting was relocated to an American shopping mall.

In an interview inIonesco explained the play’s message rinocerlnte an attack on those Romanians who become caught up in the “ideological contagion” of the Legion: View all 4 comments.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rhinoceros play. Ionesoc the 19th century, the newly independent Romanian state proved very reluctant to grant citizenship to Romania’s Jews, and a volatile atmosphere of antisemitism flourished with many intellectuals like A.

But after a recent reread this play remains very enjoyable, and that’s quite something.