Rubik. CUBE. SOLUTION GUIDE. Unlock the Secret! Be sure to solve the sections of the white cross in the following order – blue, orange. The easiest Rubik’s Cube solution. You only have to learn 6 moves. We divide the Rubik’s Cube into 7 layers and solve each group not messing up the solved. Divide the Rubik’s Cube into layers and solve each layer applying the given The Solution Step By Step. blank 3×3. White cross. first layer edges. White corners . Read another guide at Rubik’s Cube Tutorial or at how to solve a Rubix Cube.

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Follow the following steps depending on where the corner is for you. The next will move these pieces around and thus solve the cube. Click on a cube to jump on the page to the selected chapter:.

This algorithm will flip the edge so the white part is facing upwards. A letter by itself means a clockwise rotation of the face while a counterclockwise turn is marked with an apostrophe. Either none, all, or two of the edges will already be oriented correctly the yellow part is facing up. The next step is to flip some of the edges so all silution the white stickers face upwards, making a plus pictured above. This should get the edge out and on the top layer, ready for you to use the above instructions to insert correctly.

That is a set of headlights. Look at the edges on your puzzle.

Then perform this algorithm:. The best centre to build your first cross around is the white centre, as many guides and resources on the web start with a white face, so if you need to look up some steps and examples elsewhere, your cube will look similar to the one that is being used in other demonstrations.

Too Many Cases There are so many possible configurations over 43 quintillion that it would be impossible to solve it by randomly turning the faces until it’s all done. I suggest you to start with the corners in the bottom layer because solving these first might pop out some white pieces from the top layer and you might save a couple turns.

How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube

For the one case without headlights, just perform the algorithm below from any angle. This is only seen in one case of the 21 though, so you won’t see it often.

Now tuide done the edges on the white face, all that’s left are the corners.

The rest of them have all four corners solved, so do the required amount of U moves so that every corner is in its right place. If you have only two, then you could have one of two cases. Edges And Corners Beside the fixed center pieces the cube is composed of 8 corner pieces with 3 stickers and 12 edge pieces with two stickers. For now, just get each white edge on the top layer. This step is much simpler, as it only requires one algorithm.

R’ D’ R D Now the corner is on the bottom, so you can do the above instructions. Beside the fixed center pieces the cube is composed of 8 corner pieces with 3 stickers and 12 edge pieces with two stickers.

This shows you have Sune. You don’t need to worry about the matching centres the orange and blue parts of the above image just yet.

If you’d rather just solve the cube in your hand and forget about it rather than being able to solve any cube you’re given, there are plenty of solvers available on the web. Play with your cube and get familiar with it. The picture shows the end goal of this step.

You want to hold the cube buide that the set of headlights is facing away from you do the required number of U moves so that the headlights aren’t on the front, left or right.

Either facing the front, or facing the right. Both Sune and Antisune wolution one correctly oriented corner. Bottom If the corner is on the bottom of the puzzle, perform the required D moves so that the corner is in the position marked in pink on the picture. Make sure that the yellow bar the two edges and the middle sticker is horizontal, then do: Sune is a very simple algorithm that many puzzlers love due to its simplicity compared to other algorithms that they may have had to learn.

How to Solve The Rubik’s Cube

To transform the Magic Cube from one state to the other, you have to apply the following short algorithm, watching out for the L shape and the line to be positioned as required: Sune and Antisune are two of these, but we won’t always get them straight away.

Do this for every edge ssolution you have a white cross on top. It doesn’t matter if all of the white bits are facing up or none of them are. By the mid ‘s, an estimated fifth of the world’s population had attempted to solve the cube.

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube, Guide for Beginners

rbuik As you can see, the orange piece matches the orange centre. The image shows the end goal of this step. Look for an edge that is on the top face and doesn’t have yellow on it. You want to look at the edges only.

How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Perform this algorithm as many times as is needed to put the corner in its place:. The necessary steps are listed below. If you have all four edges matching the centres, your cross is solved. There’s a very small chance that there won’t be any, but there are instructions for that case below. Whether you want to learn it to impress a girl, because your friends bet you couldn’t, or just to close the book on the biggest time waste of your childhood by finally defeating it, this guide will take you through the simplest way to conquer the puzzle.

If you have none matching, perform a U move, then look around the cube again. The first thing we want to find is headlights. There are 7 different corner positions possible after you have oriented the edges.

To get an edge out of somewhere it shouldn’t be, just insert one of the yellow edges into that slot. For a visualisation of each of these turns, click the letters in the animation widget. Make sure that the yellow bar the two edges and the middle sticker is horizontal, then do:.