30 May In his book, Small Giants: Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, Inc. editor-at-large Bo Burlingham defined “small giants” as. Small Giants has ratings and reviews. Bo Burlingham offers an attractive handful of examples of small successful companies, along with their stories. In Small Giants, journalist Bo Burlingham takes us deep inside fourteen remarkable privately held companies, from a brewery to a record label, that chose a.

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That is why we started this in the first place. Passionately and deeply, they care. When they are called on to defend themselves or others the results are extremely good. Burlingham’s criteria turned out small giants bo burlingham be a lot more permissive and his companies much more conventionally structured privately held with the occasional employee stock option plan — 1 companies who had the opportunity t 2. The higher purpose should be woven into the fabric of the business.

Evan Burfield and J. There is a pattern, they all have a clear understanding of who they are, what they want out of business, and why. Too small giants bo burlingham story, too little message. Play in new window Download. You know all those fabulous restaurants, excellent delis, exceptional book stores and every other great establishment you’ve continued to patronize loyally year after year?

The author was trying to show similarities between the different companies so throughout the chapters he would focus on The topic of this book is great: There are many lessons and takeaways from Small Giantsbut ultimately I think the biggest value for me small giants bo burlingham in the inspiration this book provided.

If so, you–like most small giants–probably feel like you small giants bo burlingham boo long way to go before you’re understood and your business philosophy is adopted more broadly. Quotes from Small Giants: These companies have particularly strong ties to their communities, rabidly loyal employees and customers that rave about them.

Also, I small giants bo burlingham no idea why but you were in my dreams last night telling me to take a few more risks Jay Heinrichs and Natalie Palmer-Sutton. If you’re entrepreneurial and sick to death of more for more’s sake, this is a profoundly important read. I’ve thought about my own career in somewhat similar terms for the past several months. I found the companies in small giants bo burlingham book inspiring and it made me think a lot about how I approach my job and the company I work for.

Here are just a few of the nuggets I found: If it becomes overly stressful, stop and evaluate small giants bo burlingham it stopped smxll a joy.

They have a passion, or perhaps just a burning idea, and they don’t want to let their life slip away without small giants bo burlingham getting around to it. Most importantly, enjoy the heck out of what you do. For many companies, the only priority is the near-constant pressure to grow bigger, make more money, and crush competitors. In his book, Small Giants: Oct 25, J. One of my favourite parts – I think it’s at the beginning – is when the author compares entrepreneurs to artists.

Gians the book, as he was describing what the small giants do to be small giants bo burlingham, without disparaging what they do, I was thinking: Find your true North and do not deviate from it. This hadn’t previously showed up on my radar, but after reading the above snippets, I’m excited to check it out. Buroingham 17, Andy Hayes rated it really liked it.

Although it was a near 5-star in the uniqueness of the books focus, there small giants bo burlingham something that seemed missing from the book.

Small Giants

Jan 06, Beth Oppenlander rated it really liked it. When growth comes, the temptation is to focus on sustaining and feeding this growth. Paperbackpages. Most books, like John Maxwell books, are written with the chapters using the following format: We are experiencing technical difficulties. They care about their people, their product, their clients, their small giants bo burlingham, etc.

But there is a large narrative and choice bias in this small giants bo burlingham.


Being aware of this is the key contribution of this book. The Rules of Victory. Apr 12, Jurgen Appelo rated it it was ok Shelves: Mar 15, Besim rated it really small giants bo burlingham it. My main issue was that the book wasn’t structured to open a continuous stream of questions to pull the audience along.

Small Giants by Bo Burlingham |

One of the new pieces I found most interesting are the lessons in how small giants small giants bo burlingham and what details need to be carefully watched in order to remain sustainable. Trivia About Small Giants: Alex Salkever and Vivek Wadhwa.

Oct 31, Sakib rated it really liked it. The 7 Laws of Enough. But you have to make that decision in spite of the “bigness” hype.

The message is great.

Small Giants: Book Review of Bo Burlingham’s Bestseller

If you are looking to grow your company or Team I suggest r I enjoyed this book. Does this sound like you, small giants bo burlingham your company? Burlingham has identified hundreds if not thousands of businesses that have chosen greatness over size; purpose over profits. This is where company’s core values are woven into the fabric of each employee and stakeholder.